1. Personal Consultation

Fashion preferences, color analysis, body types and image boosters and busters. This one on one consultation with an image consultant teaches the client about her body type and subsequently how fashion preference, color and dressing techniques specific for her body type will lead to looking and feeling her best .Our consultants are positive and encouraging which leads the client to identify and embrace her own unique style.

2. Personal Shopping

Planning, identifying, and enhancing wardrobe purchases for optimal investing. This service is provided with the client present or without. Our consultant will choose clothes based on a professional assessment of the clients body type, color palette, fashion preference and budget.

3. Closet Consultation

Organize and coordinate your wardrobe in the privacy of your own home. A consultant will come to the home of the client to evaluate her current wardrobe to find clothing to fit her body type, color, and fashion preferences. The consultant will advise the client which wardrobe pieces should be eliminated, tailored or set aside until coordinating pieces can be purchased.

4. Cosmetic Application Consultation

Learn proper application of cosmetics and skincare products. A one on one consultation with a certified consultant who will teach the client proper application and color enhancing techniques specific to the individuals age, life style and skin type. The client is instructed as to which skin care products most beneficial based on a personal analysis of the client’s skin type.

5. Seminars

One of our consultants will present to your group or organization the techniques and skills needed to dress for success. Underscoring the importance of individual and corporate image in today’s fast paced, visual society. The presentation is geared to the specific dynamics of the group, including businesses, corporations, women’s organizations, and church groups.

6. Pageant coaching

Wardrobe, modeling and preparation for the judge’s interview. The client is coached and prepared for every aspect of competition.

7. Lifestyle Management Classes

Goal-setting, time management, and identifying personal leadership styles. Each workshop is geared to focus on the particular needs of the group or individual with the goal to impart understanding, focus and productivity.